Auto-alignment Platform

RPA Electronics - Auto Alignment PlatformRPA’s Automated Alignment Systems provide highly adaptable, precision alignment capabilities for immersive display systems of all types. We have solutions for traditional immersive as well as helmet mounted displays.  Our solution provides precise measurement of display system geometry, colorimetry, and luminance within immersive display systems. A highly accurate gimbal positioning system combined with multiple calibrated color camera options, we provide a measurement device capable of operating over a full 360 degree azimuth and 135 degree elevation range with options for eye limiting resolution accuracy.  User controlled (X,Y,Z) displacement is available as an option to accurately position the camera and perform measurements at multiple locations. Uses include obtaining very accurate measurements from a specific position, or obtaining measurement from the outer ranges of viewer head motion to provide dynamic display distortion correction.

A version of the alignment head assembly is available for use within the small confines of HMD devices to accurately measure performance at each eyepoint and within the viewing aperture of each eye. In this configuration, the system can orient to one eye display, automatically translate to the second eyepoint and measure and verify alignment between both views.  RPA has options for image source independent solutions using our hardware image post-processing platforms, or software solutions that become an integral part of the image generation platform. These platforms communicate directly with the measurement system to generate and display required alignment patterns, correct system parameters with feedback and provide real-time, low latency correction during normal system operation.  An integral visible laser rangefinder is provided for display surface mapping, screen installation aid, and to support display channel rough alignment.  The ability to draw an outline of required display regions allows quick and easy manual setup and rough alignment of display sources.  This patent pending technology has been SBIR developed, providing an existing contract vehicle and advantages for DoD programs.

RPA Electronics - Linux Controlled Auto Alignment PlatformGUI Based Controls provide the user with ease of use, and the ability to monitor alignment progress and accuracy. Operators can select individual test sequences to be performed or an entire series for a complete display system, allowing for different test series to be executed depending on the application needs.  Actions are XML input file driven, which define the tests to be performed  including information such as geometric points to be aligned on any specific channel(s), Field of View (FOV) boundaries as well as locations to test for color accuracy and brightness on any or all displays.  XML files can be tailored to meet specific needs such as installation, morning readiness or periodic verification of system alignment. 

These ASCII control files allow the system to be controlled via RPA geometric prediction software or existing system integrator tools.  Users can also direct the system to perform manual checks of system parameters at any area of interest.  Software tools allow for complete 3D mapping of screen surfaces, camera head location, screen installation support, display  channel configuration, test pattern definition and projection into screen map, geometric alignment of test patterns, channel brightness and color matching, and channel to channel edge blending.

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