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RPA Electronic Solutions, Inc, specializes in providing embedded systems and products that must perform critical functions, all the time, every time.  We have the expertise necessary to develop embedded hardware and software solutions to solve your most demanding technical challenges.  Our products and design services range from individual subsystems to complete turnkey systems.  We offer a broad line of DSP and MCU module and stackable board products designed with digital and analog I/O, sensor interfaces and programmable FPGA logic.  This allows maximum flexibility, allowing our products to be used in a variety of applications such as data acquisition, remote sensing, sensor interfaces, signal processing, high power I/O, digital filtering, motor controllers and digital video.  Leveraging these products saves development time by providing a COTS hardware / software platform to build upon.  Many of our I/O boards are designed around the Pico-ITX board size of 70mm x 100mm.  This provides an high performance I/O platform that, is compact and stackable with the processing power of a PC motherboard.

RPA Electronic Solutions, Inc is proud to announce the introduction of a new product line based on the Renesas RX family of microcontrollers (MCU).  Our first product is the RPA RX62Ncore module - one of the smallest full-featured MCU modules currently on the market.   The RX62N module integrates three key communication ports: an Ethernet MAC, a USB 2.0 device and CAN.  The RX family of microcontrollers features a new CPU which expands on Renesas Technology's already proven 16-bit and 32-bit CISC (Complex Instruction Set Computer) MCU products.  One of the many performance features of the RX CPU is the single-cycle FLASH access.  This gives the RX family some of the best MCU performance specs in the industry at approximately 1.65 MIPS/MHz at the maximum operating frequency of 100MHz.

Soon to be added to our product family, is the RPA RX62N-FIO FPGA module; With the onboard Altera Cyclone FPGA and RX62N MCU, the designer can design advanced data acquisition, data processing or system control functions.  The RX62N FPGA module provides the designer a digital ‘system on a module’ approach to their requirements.  To further reduce the design effort, RPA supplies S/W and VHDL examples and supports FreeRTOS on all RX62N based products.

Check out our board level and system products for more information.