RPA has extensive experience with algorithm and data flow processing.  There are two major hardware platforms that we have used, DSP and FPGA based.  The RPA DSP designs have run the gamut from a single DSP to 28 Dual core DSPs on a single board.  As data rates have climbed over the years, there has been a push by our customers to design FPGA boards. These have included multi 1000pin+ FPGAs with multiple 32-bit memory buffers per FPGA on a board. 

The original RPA FIO series are our FPGA based PCI and PC104+ cards.  These cards have a PCI interface connected to an Altera 10K series FPGA through a FIFO.  These cards have been designed into 100’s of projects.  The projects have included lab to field based units.  From simple data acquisition to high speed pipelined systems.  After 10yrs, RPA has continued production of these boards. 

pci fio block

pci104 fio
pci fio

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